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10 July 2020

Outreach Templates for Musicians

For a helping hand with sculpting some great intro messages when you’re reaching out to prospective playlisters, magazines, DJs, PRs, etc. I’ve provided some templates to use.

Obviously inject your own personality into it but don’t go overboard on your first messages. Use this as a starting point and make it your own.

The more specific and personal you can make the interaction the better the results will be.

10 July 2020

How to make LOTS of content out of ONE post

Creating a content strategy is the most important thing you can do to start creating lots of content to keep your feed ticking over and growing your account.

Use this technique and you'll have one main topic to think of weekly and the rest will flow from that one piece. Success!

19 June 2020

Music Marketing on TikTok

Tik Tok the social short music video app is top of its game with 500 million+ monthly users. Over 66% of users are under 30 making it a go-to for musicians looking to expand their reach. 

In this week's free download we feature 5 top tips for music marketing on TikTok.

12 June 2020

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Checklist for Musicians

With so many moving parts to being an independent musician it's easy to slack in some areas. Covering all bases and consistently working hard towards your goals should be managed efficiently. Use these checklists to keep your success on track.

1 May 2020

Instagram Algorithm Cheat Sheet

Recently, Instagram set the record straight, clearing up a ton of rumors about exactly how the Instagram algorithm works.  Find out the facts about the Instagram algorithm, including how it works for feed posts, stories, and the explore page!

17 April 2020

Email Marketing for Musicians

Email is the #1 way you can reach your fans as a musician. Even if you have a kick-ass website, a behind the scenes Youtube page and a hyperactive Twitter account, your fans probably won’t check those every day. But do you know what they actually check every single day? Their emails.

10 April 2020

5 Ways To Discover Your "Why" As An Artist

Use these techniques to start exploring your genuine 'why' for being an artist. Discovering your true self allows you to communicate your values with fans and create a deeper connection with your audience.

20 March 2020

How To Make Good Video Content

Add some serious professionalism to your videos and match what the competition are doing online. This easy toolkit explains how to use a simple app to blow open your video game.

24 January 2020

Why Some Producers & Artists Fail

If you’re serious about making it in music then you do not want to fall into these common slumps that so many fail at!

17 January 2020

LinkedIn for Musicians

4 ways you can appear like the music professional you want to be - and useful ways to use the LinkedIn platform as a musician (properly)

10 January 2020

How digital is changing in 2020

Before you tackle the new year with goals to grow your online presence - take note of these changes that the digital world is roaring through.


Efficiency is key to make the most of your time so this info graphic should be in your ammo to give yourself a head start!

20 December 2019

Revenue streams for musicians

Try out some of these ideas to market yourself and your music in the coming new year. Set your goals now and, create a plan of action and GO!

13 December 2019

Crush your social media game

Normally, people tend to lose track of their time and get distracted with social media. But you still have to reach your audience on this really powerful medium. So how do you stay focused on your music game while still crushing it in social media? In this week's free download, I give you tips to stay on top of your game. 

29 November 2019

Instagram - Sizes Cheatsheet

With the addition of IGTV, Stories and Instagram Live, it has become a little more technical than the old days of just uploading any image as it was just one orientation. I've got an easy to follow cheat sheet which gives you all of the dimensions for each type of post. It has everything required to optimise the size and aspect ratio of your content!

22 November 2019

Content Production from Song Making

Content creation can become tiresome as ideas run dry. We’ve created this tool kit to give you inspiration when making a song. There are 13 different pieces of content waiting to be made from the process of song writing. Check it out in your exclusive tool kit from the download link below. 

15 November 2019

Repurposing Content

Creating content can become a difficult task. When it feels like there isn't much more you can communicate, there always is. I have created this toolkit to give you ideas on how to repurpose content that already exists.

8 November 2019

The Content Creators Tool Kit

Communicating your musical vision and brand on social media is an art in itself. But coming up with new and innovative ideas for content can become an energy drain, leaving you with less energy to focus on your music.

So I put together this toolkit to help musicians like you to understand the value and impact of content and the importance of keeping it fresh.  

1 November 2019

5 Instagram Tips to WOW your audience

Want to quickly grow your Instagram audience? Looking for an actionable strategy that attracts the right kind of fan base?


I've got you covered with these 5 actionable tips. Get it today!

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