Artist Development: Branding Workshop & Marketing Plan

2 hour artist development & branding workshop with Rebecca Smart Bakken


We will create a clear picture and brand of who you are across ALL platforms. You need a story and an overall message that is consistent. People can relate to & support. 


We will also get a clear understanding of WHO your target fans are. These are your superfans who will love everything you do. We will create a fan persona which will make it easier to know how to reach the specific people. 


Marketing Plan: 

  • What is your brand & story

    • Create a “value proposition”

  • Who is your audience

    • Macro overview

    • Fan persona

  • What channels should you use

    • Channels for content creation

    • Channels for repurposing content

  • What type of content to share

    • Different content formats to test out

2 Hour Workshop


per client

Upon purchase of the workshop I will be in touch within 1 business day to introduce myself and get in touch to organize a meeting to find out more information.

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About Rebecca Smart Bakken

Rebecca Smart Bakken is a driving force behind the new music industry who strives to fill in the skill gaps across the board. Her passion for music and marketing led her to dissect and rebuild traditional strategies using technology as a base method for artists and companies alike.


Rebecca believes that music creates change and good marketing can also do the same. They both go hand in hand, which is why she dedicates her career to building platforms to educate musicians. Her SMART Club sees artists from around the world unite to learn, execute and network on the best techniques for the industry to break out of an outdated routine. Through her SMART Music Agency, Rebecca assists artists to innovate their marketing, community building and experimental launch campaigns,


Rebecca was formerly the interim Norwegian government startup director, which saw her create initiatives and events to connect coworking hubs, investors and businesses. Through serial tech entrepreneurship, she created opportunities and consulting on all manner of marketing areas (such as SXSW); she gave individuals and industry the tools to monetize content before focusing solely on music marketing.

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